Frequently asked questions

How long is the program?

The Orient & Map process takes approximately two weeks. The Navigate plan is a 12-week commitment that can be renewed as many times as desired. The 12 weeks will include two weekly pre-scheduled calls plus any as needed correspondence throughout the time. The Accept & Conquer Plan encompasses both of the previous and is 14 to 15 weeks in length.

Who is the program for?

A&C is designed for anyone who has gotten to the point where alcohol has become a crutch in their lives, and they have the desire for a fresh start. Whether you never had treatment or tried other things, we are here to get you the lifestyle you dream of.

What support do participants receive?

During the Orient & Map process, we will determine the client’s needs and wants and design them a custom plan to fix and fulfill those things. With the Navigate plan, we will be their go-to person for accountability, support, and guidance. The Accept & Conquer plan includes all of the above.

Is this a private program or group?

The process is strictly private, and all information shared will be between the client and their guide. If the client would like to meet people in similar situations, we can gladly facilitate that and will also offer a private FB group and a public blog to share whatever they’d like.

Do you accept payment plans?

The Accept & Conquer plan is avaliable in 3 monthly payments. More options are in the works.

How do I know if A&C is for me?

Schedule a call with us or shoot us an email with any questions you may have. Most likely if you’ve read through our website and have also decided that AA is not for you, we will be able to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Is the program ongoing or are there specific start dates?

We are always ongoing, and you can sign on at any time. We only take on as many clients as we can handle without cutting any corners so if there is a wait list we will give you an approximate start date.

What is the cost?

Orient & Map as a standalone option costs $2750. You may add on the Navigate plan at any time after for $6500 The recommended plan, Accept & Conquer, includes both at the discounted price of $8500

Can you continue to guide me beyond the initial program?

Yes, of course, we’d love too. The Navigate plan can be renewed in 12 week periods as many times as desired. We also offer an option to “Escape” to those that have completed the Accept & Conquer process. The Escape option is a trip to a TBD place for you and your guide to meet face to face and reflect, bond, and discuss what the future holds.

Is this life coaching?

Life coaching is a widely used term these days, but this could be considered a niche form of that.

What's the difference between A&C and AA?

There are many differences, but here are a few majors. - AA is religious or spiritually based where A&C is not. We don’t care or judge you on what you’re your faith is, the only thing we ask you to believe in is yourself. - AA is a group culture and lets be honest, not at all anonymous, A&C is strictly one on one and 100% confidential. - AA believes that alcoholism is a disease and makes you powerless. A&C believes that it is a choice and that no one is powerless. - AA and the 12 steps are a one size fits all approach to any kind of addiction. A&C focuses specifically on alcohol because that’s what we know and have personally experienced. We also know that all addictions and people are very different and should be handled that way. - AA focuses solely on the addiction and the object of addiction. With A&C you will not be consumed by telling or hearing “war stories” of your addiction nor will we constantly remind you of why you’re working with us like it’s a punishment. We focus on success and improving all the aspects of your life. With our method, you will find that you won’t have to work hard not to drink because you will want to work hard on the new positive things that will simply replace your desire to drink away the bad things.

Who is the Founder of A&C?

Trey Lewis founded A&C after he faced his own problems with alcohol controlling his life and couldn’t find the help he needed. Instead he helped himself and developed a process that works. He now wants to use this to help others that are where he was.

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